The Contributions Hub

Apart from providing a full set of SuperStream services, Ozedi will also allow you to process your supplier invoices electronically without data entry, lodge your BAS and other government forms directly from your accounting system, send and receive remittance advices electronically. To see how it works, click here.


SMSF's and Accountants

If you are an SMSF you can register to receive your SuperStream contribution advice here.

If you are an SMSF accountant you can register all your clients with a bulk upload. Your clients who have registered for the Contributions Hub can automatically forward their contribution advice to you through the secure SuperStream network.

Click here for more information.



Avoid expensive clearing house fees while meeting new SuperStream regulations with one simple and cost-effective solution easily implemented by your payroll software provider. See the Ozedi site for information on SuperStream for Employers.


Payroll Software Provider

Act now by implementing a simple API and SDK to enable your clients to interface with the Contributions Hub for a low-cost, SuperStream compliant solution. Visit the Ozedi site for for information.



Small APRA funds can send and receive rollovers and contributions using the Ozedi Contributions Hub while meeting APRA outsourcing requirements. Large APRA funds visit the Ozedi site for a range of solutions.