Frequently Asked Questions


Getting Started

Getting started

To get started on the website, register an account.


Select a link below to view samples of the Contribution Hub User and Fund registration screens:


APRA Fund Sending Documents

Sending Documents

Once logged in APRA funds can send rollovers to other APRA funds. Sending documents does not apply to SMSFs.

You can do that by going to the "Upload a file" option from the"My Account" menu item, and that form looks like this:


Receiving Documents

Receiving Documents

When you are logged in you can view received transactions by going to the "Document History" option from the "My Account" menu item.


Then you can click the "View" link for any of the transactions to view the full document details.


View Document History

View Document History

Once logged in you can view logs/messages by going to the "Document History" page under the "Using the hub" main menu item.


By clicking the "View" links in the list you may also view individual documents in full.


SMSF Electronic Service Address (ESA)

Under SuperStream, employers must make super contributions on behalf of their employees by submitting data and payments electronically in accordance with the SuperStream standard.

All superannuation funds, including SMSFs, must receive contributions electronically in accordance with this standard.

SMSF's need to supply the employer with:

  • your SMSF's Australian Business Number (ABN)
  • your SMSF's bank account for receipt of contribution payments (BSB and account number)
  • an electronic service address for receipt of a contribution data message.

The Electronic Service Address is where the contribution data will be sent to. It is a presence on the internet which is available to receive data basically 24x7. Some larger organisations will deploy their own infrastructure to handle this but most SMSF will engage a service provide such as Ozedi to receive the message on their behalf.

Further information on SuperStream and an SMSF's obligations can be found on the ATO web site here

What if my SMSF has more than one member?

The Ozedi Contributions Hub registration fee is for a single SMSF fund. Even if the fund has up to 4 members still only the one fee applies. When the contributions data is sent the amount(s) who the contribution is for will be identified by TFN and name details so you can allocate appropriately.

If you have more than one fund then see our FAQ for Accountants.

Multiple SMSF Manager (Accountant)

Ozedi, through the Contributions Hub web site, is providing a full SMSF SuperStream service for accountants and multiple SMSF managers.

The facilities to be provided for this group are the same as a SMSF registering manually a single fund with the additional benefits of:

  • A single account registration for your company
  • A bulk up load facility whereby you can enter into a spreadsheet all the details of all the SMSF's under your management
  • A discounted registration fee for more than 100 SMSF’s registered in one file upload
  • An individual download facility whereby you can log on and download the SuperStream contribution advices for one particular SMSF in one of several formats?
  • A bulk download facility whereby you can download in bulk the contribution advices for all of the SMSFs registered against your account in Excel format

When you register as an SMSF Accountant you will be able to download the Excel Workbook to be filled in with your client fund details. Once filled in, upload the Workbook to the site and we will register each of the funds against your account. At that time we will also send an invoice which can be paid via EFT or by credit card via Paypal.

You can register for an Ozedi Contributions Hub SMSF Accountant account at SMSF Accountant register.